Dalhousie Kicks Off Bold Ambitions Campaign

March 29, 2011

With an eye squarely on changing the way higher education is delivered, Dalhousie University today launched the largest fund raising campaign in its history. Bold Ambitions will raise $250 million to equip the university for the 21st century.

“The world is changing at an incredible speed. It’s important for universities to keep pace. We have a responsibility to prepare our students to tackle future challenges our society will face,” says university President Tom Traves. “This campaign will transform the way Dalhousie delivers its programs.”

More than 50% of the campaign monies raised will benefit students directly – through scholarships, experiential learning opportunities and health and wellness infrastructure. There is a significant focus on enriching the student experience at Dalhousie.

At the core of the proposed changes is meaningful curriculum change and the creation of dynamic learning spaces. “Dalhousie is set to make unprecedented leaps in many areas,” says Dr. Traves.  “From improved student accessibility, to new academic chairs, to new learning and recreational spaces, a successful campaign will elevate Dal to one of the very best  - if not the best – universities in Canada.”

Bold Ambitions will support substantive changes in the way Dalhousie educates its doctors, dentists and health professionals. With a focus on non-traditional, collaborative training, students will learn in teams with a patient-centred focus. Long term, this will translate into increased patient safety, more efficient health care delivery and better patient outcomes.

The Faculties of Engineering and Architecture and Planning will become collaborate increasingly to provide opportunity for students to learn in “real life” settings so they graduate job-ready.  Better infrastructure means the teaching facilities will be more conducive to learning.

Marjorie Lindsay is donating $1-million to the new Innovation and Design in Engineering and Architecture (IDEA) building in honour of her late husband - John Lindsay Sr. “John was very active in the engineering community and supported Dal’s vision for its Engineering program,” says Ms. Lindsay.  “He would have been pleased to help in preparing this country's next generation of engineering leaders.”

Dalhousie's vision for the future is resonating with people worldwide, with more than 60% of donations received coming from outside the Atlantic region. The campaign has reached $170 million, or 68% of its goal, and has seen notable gifts in the $1 million - $20 million range for a variety of projects.

Many students and faculty have already benefited from this campaign and, as it progresses, many more will see their university experience fundamentally change for the better.

To learn more contact:

Dalhousie University
Office of External Relations
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Toll Free: 800 565 9969