A Knight to Remember

January 31, 2011
By Marilyn Smulders 

What do you get for the guy who has everything? Here’s an idea—how about an enduring legacy in the form of a $1-million scholarship fund to benefit Dalhousie students? 

That’s what Sir Graham Day’s friends did, getting together and chipping in to create the endowment. The first Sir Graham Day Scholarships in Business will be awarded to undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Management this fall.  It’s expected that the fund will create between $45,000 and $50,000 a year for scholarships each years. 

“God bless them all,” says Sir Day, on the phone from his home in Hantsport, N.S. 

The scholarship fund was instigated by John Bragg, president of Oxford Frozen Foods and chairman of EastLink Cable Systems and Bragg Communications Inc. The Nova Scotia businessman is a big supporter of universities in the Atlantic region. 

“When Graham came back to Nova Scotia from England, he was very helpful to family businesses by serving on boards and giving advice,” explains Mr. Bragg, who was awarded an honorary degree from Dalhousie in 2008. “So I thought this was something we could do for him.” 

Creating scholarship endowments is something Mr. Bragg done before; one for law students in remembrance of the late Halifax lawyer J. William Mingo and one for medical students in the name of Dr. John Hamm, former Nova Scotia Premier. 

“So the donors raised the money and we left it to Graham to decide how the money would be used,” says Mr. Bragg. 

A Dal law grad (1956), former professor in the School of Business Administration and Dalhousie chancellor from 1994 to 2001, Sir Day decided he’d like the scholarships to support undergraduate and graduate students in commerce, management and public administration. In particular, the scholarships will go to students doing course work or related work terms in the areas of family business, transportation or business-government relations. 

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