Seymour Schulich speaks to guests at a reception at the renamed Schulich School of Law. (Photo: Danny Abriel)

Introducing the Schulich School of Law

October 15, 2009
By Marilyn Smulders 

Lord Dalhousie, George Munro, Lady Beaverbrook, Dorothy and Izaak Walton Killam, Seymour Schulich. 

Mr. Schulich’s name joins the list of benefactors who have made “transformative gifts” to Dalhousie University and “profoundly shaped our destiny,” in the words of Dalhousie President Tom Traves at the funding announcement in the Weldon Law Building.

The Toronto-based billionaire who has given millions to universities and hospitals in Canada, the United States and Israel has provided $20 million to Dalhousie’s Faculty of Law. It is the largest gift to Dalhousie by a living donor and the lead contribution in Bold Ambitions: The Campaign for Dalhousie.

The words “Schulich School of Law” are now installed on the Weldon Law Building in recognition of Mr. Schulich’s generosity.

Mr. Schulich says that he gives money to students with the aim of making higher education more accessible.And that money flows immediately: 24 scholarships valued at $12,000 to $20,000 will be awarded this year and 41 next year. Students who get the scholarships must meet two out of three qualifications: academic achievement, community service or financial need.

“We don’t need only brilliant nerds,” said Mr. Schulich, who also established the Seymour Schulich Fund last year at Dalhousie. That fund awards four renewable scholarships in the fields of science and computer science—two are based on academic merit, two on community service.

Michelle McBride, president of the Law Students’ Society (LSS), said law students have had a few weeks to let the magnitude of Mr. Schulich’s gift sink in and are getting accustomed to the name change. She says his generosity will allow one in five law students to attend the Schulich School of Law tuition free—“in the true Weldon tradition, this school is for those who love the law, not just for those who can afford to study it.”

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