Faculty of Medicine

Dalhousie Fund (Medicine)   

Annual giving has an immediate and meaningful impact on students and enables Dalhousie to provide unrivalled academic excellence, redefine the boundaries of education, and move forward with confidence, inspiration and strength. A gift to the Faculty of Medicine is a commitment to the Faculty’s area of greatest need.

Inter-professional Health Education Facility   

Dalhousie is poised to offer a more structured and integrated approach to inter-professional health education and research. The new building will provide space for inter-professional collaboration, teaching and research among the Faculties of Medicine, Health Professions and Dentistry.

Inter-professional Health Internship Fund   

This fund will support the creation of team based inter-professional medical internship opportunities in area hospitals for students. This will ensure that they have “real life” experience before they graduate and launch their careers.

Chair, Medical Education   

As Canada’s health care sector continues to grow and with technology playing a greater role in health care delivery, there is an urgent need to revisit some of the fundamental aspects of the patient/physician relationship. This Faculty of Medicine Chair will equip students with the skills they need to communicate with their patients and ultimately improve their care experience.

Rural Communities Program   

Distributed learning gives both urban and rural students in the Maritimes improved access, more choice and flexibility to learn outside the classroom. As the Medical School continues to evolve in the direction of distributed learning, increasing the number of rural teaching sites is a priority. Enhancing the distributed curriculum will require an investment in faculty and course development, as well as equipment and infrastructure.

Scholarships, Bursaries & Fellowships   

When smart, promising undergraduate students are unable to finance their post-secondary education, it is a waste of human potential. These scholarships and bursaries will help eliminate the impediment to acquiring a university education by providing financial support to qualified students.

Graduate Fellowship Fund   

At Dalhousie, we actively recruit the brightest minds and deepest thinkers; graduate students who will push the innovation agenda and shape the future. This fund will provide a competitive edge for Dalhousie to attract and retain top graduate students, helping to address Canada’s demand for these innovative problem solvers.

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